Spling’s Galileo Pick of the Week: Braveheart

Braveheart @ Bloemendal Wine Estate (14 Nov)

Braveheart is based on the true story of William Wallace, a seemingly fearless Scottish warrior, who rallied his rebel troops to make the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of their country. Director and star, Mel Gibson, leveraged this rousing historical character to great effect with a fiery performance that immortalised him as an actor and established him as a director.

While a tragic figure, Braveheart has become a time-honoured favourite among men who want to live with the same patriotic spirit. A warrior, a hero, a diplomat and a martyr, this beautifully composed and epic film aspires to greatness with a powerful biographical story, a haunting soundtrack, authentic production design, compelling dialogue and spirited performances.

This heroic never-say-die war drama is showing under the stars at The Galileo Open Air Cinema.