Spling’s Galileo Pick of the Week: Love Actually

Love Actually @ Bloemendal Wine Estate (20 Mar)

Love Actually is one of those life-affirming movies that lays it on thick. While some tend to wince at the thought of “All You Need Is Love” crusted declarations of love, it’s an area where the rules are in a state of flux. Richard Curtis knows each of us has a heart-shaped puzzle piece missing and tries to give us the emotion and story to inspire us to find it.

A warm, gooey mosaic of love stories coincide in this stellar romantic comedy. Sure, it’s sentimental and schmaltzy at times, but it’s a family favourite with a little bit of love to go around for everyone. Sit back, be entertained, laugh, shed a tear and find out what everyone at the airport arrivals lounge is going on about. 

This heartwarming and funny comedy romance drama is showing under the stars at The Galileo Open Air Cinema.