Nicola Hanekom and Grant Swanby on ‘Cut-Out Girls’

Spling interviewed Cut-Out Girls writer/director Nicola Hanekom and producer Grant Swanby about their new film, which addresses date rape and rape culture. Adapted from her award-winning play and arriving on the back of the #MeToo movement, Hanekom and Swanby have turned this challenging passion project into a reality.

Both accomplished actors, South Africa’s very own “Bonnie & Clyde” film-making duo, discuss acting, casting, directing, producing, what it takes to be an actor in South Africa and SAGA’s submission to Parliament in this podcast recorded at Fine Music Radio recording studios in Cape Town.

Cut-Out Girls is making its international debut at the Cape Town International Film Market & Festival (CTIFM&F) – screening at 8:30pm at SK Nouveau on 11 October and at 6:30pm at Nu Metro 4 on 17 October. You can also listen here.