Bingeing with Spling: Project Power on Netflix

Spling hosted a #BingeingWithSpling watch party this past weekend to tie-in with the release of Netflix Original movie, Project Power.

The intense and exciting supernatural crime thriller stars Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dominique Fishback. Written by The Batman’s Mattson Tomlin and directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, the film pulsates with energy against a driving soundtrack.

Project Power follows an ex-solider, detective and aspiring rapper who join forces to take down a cartel distributing a drug with the power to give its user superhuman abilities for 5 minutes.

As host, Spling presented a watch party introduction video to set the scene, discuss the movie and get viewers excited for a big movie night in. Designed to create a shared experience for everyone from the comfort of their couch, ‘Bingeing with Spling’ watch parties get people interacting via the #BingeingWithSpling hashtag. It’s all about bringing the movie experience home, grabbing some popcorn and keeping a social media device on standby before switching over to Netflix for the main feature, Project Power.

Getting cool movie trivia, live-commenting on the film, engaging directly with Spling and getting the chance to win great prizes, the watch party makes it so much more than just a movie night! For the first time, Spling welcomed a special guest in actor, comedy magician and TV personality Charles Tertiens. Spling rounded off a great movie night in with an exclusive interview with Charles to get some thoughts on the movie and his career.

Doing movie night together, making it more engaging, creating another dimension to the film and adding heaps of entertainment value… it’s a celebration of everything great about movies.

The #BingeingWithSpling watch party started with some movie games. A *wrong titles* only game with Baby Driver led into a poll to find out, which is the better of the two Tarantino movies, Django Unchained or Kill Bill: Vol. 1.

Project Power had everyone on tenterhooks, moving at breakneck speed through some cool action sequences. The fresh narrative kept things upbeat and the sensory overload made it difficult to look away as nightmarish CG elements peppered the actioner.

This was the first time Spling built the watch party around a film he hadn’t seen in advance. Trusting Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s fairly solid track record and the brimming talents of its directors and screenwriter, who caused a bidding war for the screenplay – Project Power seemed like a safe bet.

Thankfully the film delivered on most of its promises with many watch party participants enjoying the genre mix. In fact, when a movie is too gripping it takes away from the in-movie social media banter – so it’d be a win in any case. Perhaps Spling needs to build a watch party around one of those so bad it’s good flicks?

All in all, this #BingeingWithSpling watch party was a blast and we hope you can join us for the next one! Follow @SplingMovies or join the official ‘Bingeing with Spling’ watch party group on facebook to stay tuned for updates.

Best Comments on the Night

Wait… is that Rodrigo Santoro, my #LoveActually crush, being all hot and bad?!! #ProjectPower #BingeingWithSpling ~ @FazielahW

Thank you for another awesome #BingeingWithSpling watch party. The movie was epic, loved it. ~ @pamlee_hockly

“You gotta find out what you are better at than anyone else and then rock that”. Great life advice! #BingeingWithSpling #ProjectPower #BingeingWithSpling ~ Melody Hey

*spoiler alert* woah that was like Frozen from hell. #ProjectPower #BingeingWithSpling ~ @LeonieMollentze

Super Fans SA chimed in on Instagram to say “Thanks for an epic night! These watch parties really have been the highlights of our lockdown”.

#BingeingWithSpling and #ProjectPower winners…

R100 (you choose: airtime/PnP/Takealot) gift vouchers

– Janine @jolpoppy34
– Jonhenry Wilson @JonhenryWilson
– Fazielah Williams @FazielahW
– Nivashini Thaver
– Natasha Maggott