Spling on ‘Bingeing with Spling’

Seems like it’s obvious, but Spling is the host of ‘Bingeing with Spling’, a watch party turned movie night festival. Having been a movie critic since 2007, Spling has been asked to host screening events ranging from Ster-Kinekor’s Movie Buffs series of special previews to Empire Entertainment pre-screenings. Rallying the troops, giving a brief introduction and finding thematic tie-ins… he absolutely loved the build-up, event co-ordination and celebration of his core passion, film.

During 2020’s worldwide pandemic and subsequent lockdown, it hit him… why not host the screenings online? It would essentially blend all of the things he loves doing already, would open the event to a wider audience and would enable Spling to set up a monthly event under SPL!NG. So here we are, onto the fifth event of its kind after Bingeing with Spling watch parties built around Shazam, Escape from Pretoria. Project Power and Beyond the River.

It’s early days yet and Spling is still fine-tuning the movie night festival format. Centred on special guests, exclusive interviews, prizes, social media banter and pure popcorn fun… it’s always a blast and Spling’s aim is to deliver the best movie night in… ever!

This month, we’ve teamed up with FrightFan.TV to do a Halloween edition of the event since it’s October… the month of all things spooky! Spling discussed the upcoming event and everything you can look forward to with Sara-Jayne King on Cape Talk.