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SPL!NG teamed up with to host a #BingeingWithSpling watch party on Halloween with The Cleaning Lady as the main feature, Videoman as a double feature and short film It’s Complicated as a curtain-raiser.

The Cleaning Lady is a disturbing psychological horror thriller from writer, director and producer Jon Knautz, starring Alexis Kendra, Rachel Alig and Stelio Savante. The creepy film journeys with a woman having an affair and the friendship she develops with her badly scarred cleaning lady. Videoman is a Swedish dark romance comedy thriller with horror elements from Kristian A. Söderström about a VHS collector and a woman obsessed with the ’80s. Horror comedy short It’s Complicated by Grant De Sousa grapples with the darker side of dating in the social media age.

Watch the Short Film Introduction

As host, Spling presented a watch party introduction short film to explain the event concept, discuss the movies and get viewers excited for a big movie night in. Designed to create a shared movie experience for everyone from the comfort of their couch, ‘Bingeing with Spling’ watch parties get people watching together and interacting via social media. It’s all about bringing the movie experience home, grabbing some popcorn and keeping a social media device on standby before switching over to for the curtain-raiser and double feature.

Getting cool movie trivia, live-commentary on the film, engaging directly with Spling’s special guests and getting the chance to win great prizes, the watch party makes it so much more than just a movie night! Spling invited Stelio Savante, Joan De La Haye and Grant De Sousa to join as special guests.

South African-born actor Stelio Savante is best known for Once We Were Slaves, A Million Colours, Running for Grace, The Cleaning Lady and stars in the forthcoming action adventure thriller, Infidel. Prolific South African horror author, Joan De La Haye has written Fury, Requiem in E Sharp, Shadows, Burning, Oasis, The Race series as well as the short story collection, Sliced and Diced. Grant De Sousa is an award-winning commerical director and co-founder of Go Drive In. Spling also welcomed The Cleaning Lady’s director Jon Knautz and leading actress Rachel Alig, interviewing all five guests as part of the movie night festival.

We showcased film composer Marc van der Meulen’s brilliant multi-screen acoustic guitar and viola rendition of John Carpenter’s Halloween theme. Local Gothic industrial metal band, Terminatryx, introduced their creepy CCTV cover of Animotion’s Obsession and the event closed with their heavier track Gone. Fronted by Sonja Ruppersberg and Paul Blom, the band has always had a strong connection with Halloween and horror through their annual South African Horrorfest.

Bingeing with Spling is a celebration of everything great about movies. Doing movie night together, making it more interactive, breaking the fourth wall and adding loads of entertainment value… it’s more of a movie night festival. The Halloween edition was jam-packed with special guests, interviews, music videos, movie trivia, live commentary, prizes, movie games and even featured a special midnight bedtime story read by Joan De La Haye!

The watch party took place on video-on-demand service but the real-time conversation spilled over into the official Facebook watch party group, WhatsApp group and Twitter. It was wonderful having our special guests present during the watch party to answer questions and add their comments. The illuminating and entertaining interviews took audiences behind the scenes to find out more about favourite horror movies and what went into the making of the film.

All in all, this #BingeingWithSpling watch party connected the dots with Halloween and the tradition of watching horror movies, celebrating indie spirit and the love of all things movies. Follow /SplingMovies across our socials or join the official ‘Bingeing with Spling’ watch party group on Facebook or WhatsApp to stay tuned for updates.

Watch the Movies

It’s Complicated

The Cleaning Lady


Special Guest Interviews

Halloween Music

Terminatryx Obsession Music Video

Marc van der Meulen’s Halloween Cover

Bedtime Story

Best Comments on the Night

“Gotta love Halloween… bring on the horror! Love it… from expecting The Grudge and getting Shaun of the Dead. Brilliant!” Zayne Khan on It’s Complicated

“I’m really enjoying it. Shelley is such a tragic figure.” Joan De La Haye on The Cleaning Lady

“In terms of filmmaking it really taught me how to keep the money on the screen, which I’m proud of.” Jon Knautz on The Cleaning Lady

“You can’t help but think The Hoff is going to rock up in the park with Kit.” Alistair Ross on Videoman

“Thanks mate! A great read.” Kristian A. Söderström on Videoman

Prize Winners

#BingeingWithSpling and #FrightFanTV winners…

R200 Voucher of Choice – Evelyn Nnana

SPL!NG Movie Hamper Prototype – Saneeya Adams