Bingeing with Spling

Tremors, Dinosaurs and Jurassic Park…

Hey South Africa… I’m film fanatic and movie critic, Spling!

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We’re watching Steven Spielberg’s classic, Jurassic Park on Showmax or at the Go Drive In as a main feature at 8pm sharp on Saturday, 28 November (GMT+2). Starring Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum and Richard Attenborough, Jurassic Park tells the story of what goes wrong when man resurrects an island of dinosaurs.

Before we rewind to where it all began, we’re watching Battle at Big Rock… a Jurassic World spin-off and short film by Colin Trevorrow at 7pm.

Special Guests

Joining me as special guests for the next Bingeing with Spling watch party is gaming and tech guru, Grant Hinds. A YouTube and Twitch superstar, Grant is quite possibly the biggest Jurassic Park you’ll meet in the southern hemisphere! Professor Jonah Choiniere is the closest thing we’ve got to Indiana Jones, who will in conversation with Spling about paleontology, major finds in South Africa and Jurassic Park. Local muso extraordinaire, John Bartmann of the band Pravda, will be kicking off proceedings with a special performance.

Stay Tuned

How do you get involved? You can start by following Spling Movies on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates. Join the official Bingeing with Spling watch party group on Facebook, use the hashtag #BingeingWithSpling on the day to track and join in the conversation on Twitter or why not join our WhatsApp chat room group. Want us to keep in touch via email, sign up.

The movie night kicks off with some warm up games earlier in the day… so tune in then to help us get the watch party started and prepare to hit play at 7pm for Battle at Big Rock and then again at 8pm for Jurassic Park on Showmax or Go Drive In if you’re in Cape Town.

Event Tracker

We’ll be providing an order of events and keep you updated with our events tracker. Refresh the tracker to see links for interviews, the curtain-raiser and for more information on how to participate.


To help share the love and get people excited for the watch party, we’re giving away Showmax vouchers. Use the #BingeingWithSpling hashtag during the watch party to enter the draw and stay tuned to our channels to find out how you can win BIG! What’s more, the best comments and tweets of the night will make the SPL!NG round-up article on Monday!

Get Involved

The best way to participate is with your smartphone in hand so that you can track the action on your favourite social media platform during the course of the movie night watch party festival. Share your live-commentary, interact with our special guests, check out the movie trivia, invite your friends to join, post your own review, enter the draw for prizes, eat lots of popcorn, enjoy the movies and share the experience with movie lovers from wherever you are!

Drive In

Want to enjoy the watch party at the Go Drive In? Make sure you book your tickets in advance. The venue has everything you need, so why not grab supper from the food trucks, a coffee bar, popcorn and sweets. Bring a portable radio if you don’t want to keep your car on and follow the interviews online using the event tracker by using your smartphone or tablet.

Looking forward to seeing you on the night! Wishing you peace, love, hope and prosperity… signing off, Spling.