Movie Review: Falling for Christmas

Christmas movies have special license to get away with an extra spoonful of sugar. To some it may seem like trying to make the medicine go down but to others, it’s a warm hug at a time when they need it most. Deserving their own subgenre beyond the confines of a holiday movie, they imbue a nostalgic, warm and familiar sentiment. It’s not unusual for this snow globe setting to recall stars from yesteryear, a welcome opportunity for these familiar faces to make a reappearance in a time for cherished memories.

This is why it’s not all that surprising to see Lindsay Lohan starring in Falling for Christmas. Her star may be somewhat tarnished, but she still commands presence, playing a character whose initial icy disposition is perfectly poised for a change of heart. She plays Sierra, a newly engaged heiress, who is diagnosed with amnesia before finding herself in a handsome ski lodge owner and his daughter’s care. Set on the snowy slopes of a fancy ski resort, it’s fun to see Cinderella in reverse as a spoiled brat downgrades her entourage lifestyle for a DIY experience.

Lohan’s performance is entertaining, dedicated to being in-the-moment and grows with the revelation of new romance and honest day’s work values. She’s supported by Chord Overstreet as her rescuer, a widower with a lodge to save or sell on the verge of Christmas. George Young, Jack Wagner and an up-and-coming ensemble round off the quirky chocolate box of characters, whose charm and warmth also speaks to the team effort and upbeat set dynamics.

falling for christmas movie

“You, you make my spirits bright…”

Directed by Janeen Damian, Falling for Christmas takes its title literally making the physical comedy prevalent and not completely out of place for a ski resort. Colourful, upbeat and constantly aiming for holiday fun, Falling for Christmas subverts twee tendencies with slapstick humour. While Falling for Christmas is tonally imbalanced at times, its silly sense of humour and Christmas spirit smooth over most of these creases.

A live-action cartoon in many ways, the cheesy amnesia bit encourages you to roll with it for maximum enjoyment as magic realism enters the fray. Falling for Christmas literally has all the bells and whistles when it comes to Christmas d├ęcor, making it a healthy dose of Christmas cheer and festivity. While tonally inconsistent and overcooked at times, a game cast and sweet-natured fun sustain this amusing and heartwarming romcom. It’s a welcome return for Lohan with enough fun, heartwarming and amusing moments to justify its tinsel-embroidered existence.

The bottom line: Twinkly

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