Movie Review: Together Together

Together Together is a coming-of-age comedy drama about an unusual friendship between a single father-to-be and the young loner turned surrogate carrying his unborn child. Written and directed by Nikole Beckwith, this two-hander stars Patti Harrison and Ed Helms who share good and believable on-screen chemistry. Exploring the bounds of friendship between a man and his child’s birth mother, almost 20 years his junior, Together Together has a bouncy offbeat charm.

Compelled by indie spirit, the Woody Allen style opening credits set one’s expectations in terms of the film’s focus on dialogue and character. Subsequently distancing itself from Allen with a remark, Together Together attempts to capture the filmmaker’s quirk and indie charm without an overt tip of the hat.

A charming, quirky and tender comedy drama, well-balanced performances from a charming cast ground the story as offbeat comedy and an unconventional friendship keep things bubbling over. Helms and Harrison have good chemistry, effectively driving the comedy drama by buzzing through the adventures and trials of a surrogate pregnancy, with their relationship growing in proportion to “the bump”.

together together film

“I’m the daddy… I’m the daddy.”

Dealing with the boundaries around such a personal turned professional service, the writers find a plethora of comedic situations as conflict gives way to friendship and hard-fought harmony. Wanting to spend time with his unborn child, protect his surrogate and give both of them the best chance of a successful birth, things develop quickly.

Together Together isn’t a great movie but it one of those rare sweet-natured and tender amusements that come along every once in a while. Leaning on the witty banter, playful tone, likable cast and sharp performances, it manages to keep things ambling along. A gentle amusement with some deliciously awkward moments, Together Together is a few good laughs tied together by much heartwarming interplay between its odd couple.

The bottom line: Sweet