Movie Review: Superintelligence

One-liner: a delightful lead and curious modern concept underpin this charming yet rickety hybrid romance comedy drama.

Superintelligence is a comedy drama turned romance about one of today’s hot topics, artificial intelligence. Melissa McCarthy stars as Carol Peters, an average woman who becomes the subject of an all-powerful superintelligence’s study. Described as “the most average person on earth” in a failed job interview, Carol must prove that people are worth saving to avoid the superintelligence from enslaving or eradicating the human race.

This charming movie grapples with how AI has come to infiltrate so many aspects of our daily lives. It’s not concerned about presenting a cautionary tale about the rapid advances of technology and just how unprepared lawmakers are to navigate the grey area. It’s more about creating an innovative platform for a formulaic romcom to play out. Starting as an all-seeing threat, the superintelligence adopts James Corden’s voice in order to soothe a fan.

Superintelligence is directed by Ben Falcone, who together with Melissa McCarthy, his leading lady on screen and in life, have become a comedy movie machine after unearthing Tammy, The Boss, Life of the Party, Thunder Force and Superintelligence to their names. McCarthy is a naturally cute and funny actor whose bubbly disposition is infectious and filters into the tonal qualities of these comedy films. While an absolute delight, she’s limited by the writing and has become somewhat typecast with familiar comedy scenarios in spite of their fresh skins. She plays opposite Bobby Cannavale as a romantic interest with James Corden as her near-omniscient genie and future overlord in superintelligence.

superintelligence film

“So, you’re kinda everything, everywhere all at once?”

As fresh as the AI theme is, Superintelligence does slip into familiar territory as formulaic romcom elements begin to surface. A lighter version of Spike Jonze’s Her, where AI essentially plays matchmaker, Superintelligence does enough to remain entertaining, smoothing over its flaws with giddiness and a sense of nutty fun. There are more hits than misses and while it fails to truly explore the darker side to its artificial intelligence conversation, this sheep in wolf’s clothing does just enough to carry through with the help of its affable and breezy co-leads in McCarthy and Cannavale.

Basically two films glued together, Superintelligence is not the most seamless hybrid but is lightweight and entertaining enough if you’re willing to roll with it. Coming in at a similar pegging to Falcone and McCarthy’s previous collaborations, you’ll already know if Superintelligence is worth your time, delivering sweet-natured mid-tier comedy drama romance with a twist.

The bottom line: Lightweight

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